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Google Adsense Approval With A New Trick [Full Guide]

Google Adsense Approval With A New Trick
Google Adsense Approval

Hello friends how are you all. I hope all will be good. In today’s article, we will talk about how Google Adsense can get approval as soon as possible for your website or how to get your website approved in Google AdSense. I have applied several accounts. Some simple steps will tell you how to get your website approved in Google Adsense.

Google Adsense Approval With A New Trick

Google Adsense Approval With A New Trick
Google Adsense Approval

Friends, there are a few easy steps to get the approval of Google Adsense that I’m telling you to see what’s the steps.

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1. #Domain (.com,.net and .in)

Friends, you will first need a domain to make a website that you can buy online from a website such as godaddy.com. It should take care of most of the domain .com, .net and. Should have .in extensions. Because Google extends this extension quickly, these domains seem to be professionally good.

1. #Domain (.com,.net and .in)

2. #Unique Article 

The most important thing to get the website approved in Google AdSense is that you have to write your article completely unique. Your article should not have been copied. If your article matches any other website then Google rejects your website. With the help of a unique article, your article should be at least 300 words with at least two images. Those images should not have any other website’s logo or name.

I would like to tell that having an article is unique does not mean that you have to bring the most different topic. You can take a topic from any website and write about that topic. In clear language, that article should be your language. The way you write, just write that.

3. #Theme

If your website is in WordPress then you have to take special of the theme. Because the theme has the largest hand in the design of our website. If you use the free theme, use the theme theme in WordPress so you can easily get Google Adsense approval.

3. #Theme 
Google Adsense Approval With A New Trick

4. #Important Pages 

There is a lot more important things in the website, which is the pages of our website. There are some important pages that are very important.


#Contact Us 

#About Us 

#Privacy Policy 


These five pages are very important in our website. The homepage should be well-designed. You can design the remaining four pages from any website. There are many websites such as Disclaimer Generator, from this website you can generate pages online in your website. These pages are very important for the approval of Google Adsense.

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5. #Organic Traffic 

There is a need to get organic traffic out of your website. There is no recruitment for this from Google, just your website should be submitted to Google Webmaster Tools. And your website’s Lifetime Organic Traffic must have 500 clicks in Google search if you have 500 clicks on your website, you will get the approval easily.



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